Test - physical evaluation, Ljubljana


IVY Moon Eyes

Height: 59.5cm
Lenght: 60.5cm
Chest: 71cm
Teeth: scissor's bite, full teeth (no teeth missing)

GSP (black&white) female in excellent condition, middle construction type,
head appropriate for the sex and body, good proportions of the head,
nose is black and good developed, muzzle is deep enough.
Eyes are dark brown, ears are set high and wide and fit the head.
Neck is of medium lenght and muscular and properly goes to chest and back.
Topline is straight, tail is correctly set and in movement carried correct.
Forechest is shown enough. Bottom line (chest and stomach) is correct - chest is deep enough and reaches the elbows, the stomach is up like it should be.
Angulation is correct (front and hind legs). Paws are correct and toes are tight together. In movement, she takes a lot of space.
Her step is dynamic and happy.

Grade: 5/5 (top mark)