KALIOPE and KAJEN Moon Eyes in Ardea-Roma

Czaga's puppies found homes in Europe. Last week to new home went KAJEN and KALIOPE. They live now in Ardea, about 30km to Rome and about 5 km to sea :)
Our puppies had very long trip but they were very brave.
Firt stop of thei trip was in Saratice in Czech where live thei brother KANATI and half-sister ISOLA DEL SOGNI.
Next stop was in Ardea their now sweet home, where waited for us Claudia, Carlo and their three labradors and two kurzhaars.
Claudia and Carlo are hunters and they love hunting dogs like we. It is great that we could have friends so long way from Poland and that we have so many objects to talking !!!
Thanks Claudia and Carlo for everything !!!

For few days we had chance to view Rome and Venecia.
Then we go to Kamnik pod Krimom where were waiting for us our friends Bostjan and Tina with IVY Moon Eyes and two weims (Mini and Haller)
It was for me very nice to could see adult IVY - European Junior Winner 2011
Bostjan and Tina showed us beautiful landscape in Slowenian mountains and so clear lakes with very special colour of water.
Thanks you Bostjan and Carlo!!!
  • Claudia with Jaga and Kali
    Claudia with Jaga and Kali
  • Isola, Kajen, Kaliope, Kanati
    Isola, Kajen, Kaliope, Kanati