9.08.2009 litter "I" Moon Eyes just finished 12 weeks

Last week to the Ukraine goes our sweet INDI Moon Eyes.
Indi seems to be in future very fast, clever and thinking girl. I hope her new owner will use her all abilities.


ISHA Moon Eyes                                  INDI Moon Eyes


Still for new home wait IFE Moon Eyes.
Ife is very brave, nosy and fast. She loves playing with big dog and she never afraid them :)
She is clever and she can exccelent observe environment. She likes very much carry many different things. 
If you are interested please contact with us for more informations



The weather is so beautiful that we made decision to went first time with puppies on the water. It was great view when Isha, Ife and Inti went to water and swam!!! I am really proud of them because they are only 12 weeks old!!!








Our HEDER Moon Eyes prepares to season for birds :)

the most importat is concentration :)

At the end of this news I want show short movie from first Inti"s Moon Eyes lesson with life quail.