31.07-1.08.2010 Memoriál Jitky Hromadové , Opava-Albertovec, Czechy

 At last weekend of July was place II Memoriál Jitky Hromadové.
This Memorial is complete from free competitions: Field working, water working and working in forest.

24 dogs were starting but only 14 of them finished all Memorial. Majority of dogs were from Czech, but there were two dogs from Slowakia, dog from Holland and of course we :)

I must tell that it was for my hard decision about starting because of HEDER’s hurt leg…. But we start
HEDER finished all Memorial with II degree diploma.
It is our first step in forest competitions so I hope it will be better and better

I want congratulation All competitors and I hope we will meet soon....
Photos by Zuzca Nedavaškova