23.07.2009 Visit in Wien, our gummy bears in new homes.

The time goes so fast… and our little puppies grow up and start to go to new homes.

IKA Moon Eyes was the first puppy which went to new home in Warsaw.
Ika is called in home “Figa” and she loves her new family immediately!


After one week our house left ISOLA DEL SOGNI Moon Eyes and IVY Moon Eyes.
We planned to go to Wien so We took both of girls with us.
Isolka lives in Czech Republic with her new owner.
I believe that Iśka will be great Mr. Lubomir”s hunting companion.


Ivy had a longer trip to new home. She lives now in Slovenia with Nina, Bostjan and deutsch kurzhaar Asta.



18.07.2009 in Oberwart- Austria, HEDER Moon Eyes was showed on the International Dog Show.
Deutsch Kurzhaars was judged by Mr. Leopold Kovanda (Austria).
Heder got excellent mark, res.CACA and res.CACIB.
Next day in Shombathly she made the same results like the day before.
She was judged by Natalja Nekrosiene (Litwa)

For us the most important was the meeting with our friend and spent with there unforgetable moments.
Our long walking with dogs along the Dunaj River, great moments on the Kalenberg hill and of course our evening cooking experiments :)





Unforgetable and exciting event for me was metting with Leopold Staudigl – my great friend and owner Heder”s father (KS Basko von der Zista)




We spent all day with our dogs. We could go on the field, water and train a little.
I have got from my Friend many great advices which I believe help me to prepare my dogs to competitions.
In the evening we could be on the training with group of Austrian hunters who have like we Deutsch Kurzhaars.